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Renting additional equipment

Renting additional equipment

Regardless of the Audi model you own, Flameko can rent you additional equipment ranging from roof frames to ski boxes and bicycle holders.

The selection includes only high quality Thule products. Tools and means for attaching the additional equipment are available for the following Audi models:

  • A4 Sedan 2001-2013
  • A4 Avant 2008-2013
  • A6 Sedan 1997-2013
  • S6 normaal 1999-2003
  • A6 Avant normaal 1998-2004
  • A6 Avant 2005-2013
  • Allroad 2000-2013
  • A7 2010-2013
  • A8 Sedan 1995-2002
  • Q5 2008-2013
  • Q7 2006-2013

If your Audi model is not listed here, please let us know and we will quickly try to find the necessary means.

What do we rent?

  • Ski/Roof box: modern and roomy Thule Pacific 700 Anthracite.
  • Transport box, including for roof frame
  • Bicycle holder, including for roof frame

We continually increase the list of our additional equipment.

Price list

Roof frame rental 4 €/day
Bicycle holder rental 4 €/day
Ski box rental 7 €/day

From the third day onwards we offer a discount of 3% per each day.

Example: Rental charge for renting a ski box for three days is €7 x 3 = €21. The discount is 3x3=9%. Thus the final price is €21-9% = €19.11.

The longer the rental period the greater the discount. However, the maximum discount is 50%.

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