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Chip tuning (Engine software optimization)

Chip tuning (Engine software optimization)

Infotechnology has found its way everywhere and cars are of no exception. In order to enjoy a more powerful car and have lower fuel consumption at the same time, it's a good idea to tune the software of the engine and gearbox (called chip tuning), in addition to changing spare parts.

Flameko specialists have all the necessary equipment, skill and know-how for performing chip tuning.

We offer software optimisation for all cars and heavy trucks using the best software in Europe, which always ensures the best result and guarantees the reliability of your vehicle.

What do we offer? 

  • Performance software: geared at power (our recommendation)
  • Custom/Race software*
  • AdBlue, DPF and EGR removal
  • Our software has ISO certification and Europe wide insurance at 5 000 000 £.

* Custom/Race software exceeds the insurance limit and therefore insurance is not applicable here.

Why should an engine’s software be optimised?

  • Increases torque or power (depending on engine and engine type) by 5-25%.
  • Reduces fuel consumption on average by 15%.

After software optimisation the vehicle is no longer prone to grime and is free from all other negative appearances. You are left with pure driving pleasure and lower fuel consumption.

How does Flameko perform software optimisation?

  1. Test drive of the car in its original condition and electronic diagnostics.
  2. Reading the original software.
  3. Changing the software, ECM programming with new software.
  4. Testing of the reprogrammed vehicle.

What is the cost of chip tuning?

In the case of passenger cars costs are as follows:

  • Car models prior to 2009: 350 €
  • Car models from 2009 onwards: 450 €

Custom/Race: cost as agreed

Heavy truck software optimisation

  • Euro 3 and 4 – 600 € + VAT, Euro 5 - 700 € + VAT, Euro 6 – 900 € + VAT. Agricultural equipment until 2013 - 900 € + VAT and from 2013 - 1 200 € + VAT

AdBlue switching off:

  • Agricultural equipment New Holland, CASE IH, Steyr - 800 € + VAT
  • Trucks Euro 4/5 Volvo FH/FM, Scania, DAF, MAN, Iveco – 550 € + VAT
  • Renault, Volvo FL/FE 600 € + VAT
  • Volvo FH4/FM4, MB Actros 650 € + VAT

For more vehicles - cost as agreed!

Prices are indicative and may change according to the vehicle characteristics. However, 99% of the time they are accurate.

For learning the exact price of chip tuning your car or heavy truck please send us a quote request.

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