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Rim Restoration

Rim Restoration

Flameko uses unique equipment for checking and restoring rims in order to reduce repair costs of your car. And for ensuring the highest quality.

Materials for contemporary rims are chosen in a way that cause them to deform and not to break. This helps to avoid sudden tire pressure drop at the moment the rim is damaged. Regrettably, driving with such a rim is not possible.

Driving with a bent rim is dangerous, uncomfortable and for longer journeys increasingly costly because:

  • It is not known when the rim or tire may break down;
  • The car body and steering wheel vibrate;
  • The chassis is put under great pressure – wheel bearings, articulation joints, steering rack (replacement cost 300-1 600 €) and rubber bushings in the chassis wear faster.

Damaged and bent rims need to be repaired or replaced soonest possible with new and straight rims.

Restoring the rim is usually much cheaper than purchasing a new one.

Today, the cost of restoring rims at Flameko is especially inexpensive and the quality of the restored rim matches that of the original rim.

  • Our equipment allows restoring aluminum as well as steel rims from 10 to 26 inches. The digital equipment controls the rim runout with exactness up to 0.07 mm.
  • Removing deformations is possible in all directions with continual control. Unnecessary additional deformations are thus avoided and only the damaged area is restored. Excessive straightening is precluded, which would create additional pressure in the rim and may cause cracks.
  • Flameko uses higher temperatures for removing deflections in aluminum rims to avoid cracking during straightening. This also removes internal pressures that the rim contains so that the original rigidity and reliability is maintained. If the damaged rim has cracks, the unevenness of the welded area can be removed using lathing equipment contained within the same workbench.
  • We always check the disbalance of the restored rim to ensure the wheel balance with minimal necessary additional weights. The tires therefore wear more evenly and gearing is smoother.

Rims restored with our equipment always have the highest possible quality.

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